Using the law firm of Tangi A. Carter was the best decision I could have ever made. I'm delighted with their services and would highly recommend them to anybody in need. 

B. Atkins

"Tangi is a consummate professional: she is organized, knowledgeable, and sincere. In the first few minutes you spend with her, it becomes evident that she is competent, confident, and so friendly. These traits are irreplaceable for successful practice in law. She feels like an extended member of my family and I know I can always count on her to advise me through life changes."

S. Pickering

"I have never in my life been in trouble with the law. It was a very scary thing for me. But when I walked into Mrs. Tangi's Office I felt safe. For once, I knew someone was actually listening and honestly caring for what I had been through. As I left her office I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. After my case was settled and still to this day if someone asks me about my case, I tell them, but I also tell them about my lawyer. My lawyer did what she told me she was going to do the first time I went into her office. I am so thankful to have been able to hire Tangi Carter. I hope I never get into any more trouble, but if that time ever comes, there is no doubt I will be hiring Tangi. Thank you so much, again, for everything you did for me. Tangi, you are amazing at what you do."


"I didn't know what to expect when I walked in Tangi's office for a consultation for my DUI. I had never been in trouble before and now I had so much on the line. I was so scared! The first thing Tangi did was reassure me that she was on my side and was going to fight for me! I had never had such a relief! Her kind smile, understanding, and professional attitude was all i needed. My questions and phone calls were always answered quickly and with integrity. Hopefully, I won't need her services again, but if I do there is no doubt who I will call. I can not recommend her enough and truly think that she is one of the most qualified attorneys in the pine belt area."


"Tangi Carter was extremely helpful in my DUI case. If I had any questions she was a phone call or text away. I was very nervous because I had never been in a situation like this before, but with her help the DUI was resolved with ease."

John Daniels

"My experience with the law firm of Tangi Carter was so unbelievable. I would recommend her to anybody who needs a lawyer. What she did for me words cannot express. I would like to give a special thank you to the Lamar County court system, especially Honorable Prentiss Harrell and the District Attorney's Office for the mercy they gave me."

D. Kirkland

"Recently I was framed for something I did not do. I contacted Tangi Carter. She got my tail out of a crack & did it for a very reasonable cost. She is honest & does what she says she will do. If you have a problem don't call any of these ambulance-chasing shysters you see on TV, call Tangi Carter. She will help."

Jacinta F. James

"I've experienced the corruption of the city, police and legal system first hand. My son had been a victim of police brutality, railroaded and locked away in our local jail. Because I hadn't worked in a while, my son was left with being represented by a public defender who was also representing the person who was supposedly testifying against or witnessing against my son, which was a conflict of interest. Had I not known anything about the legal system, they would have gone ahead with this fiasco and sent my son away for 33 years. My son did not have a record prior to the charges. After writing a letter to the judge he appointed attorney Tangi Carter as my son's attorney. The judge appointed her, but I know it was nothing but the wondrous works of my Lord and Savior. My son was sentenced to 6 months in a boot camp with all of the original charges being dropped. I would trust this beautiful spirit with my life. Her work proceeds her and she never tells you anything that she won't back up. The best in her field that I've ever seen!"