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Yes, you can get a DWI on a tractor. But that isn't all

There is a common misconception with the term “drinking and driving.”

Most people automatically assume drinking behind the wheel means strictly using a car. According to Tangi Carter, that isn’t the case.

Mississippi recognizes all types of motorized vehicles for DUI purposes. Cars, Trucks, Four wheelers, Go-carts, Motorcycles, Golf carts, even Riding lawn mowers,and anything which is motorized ,qualifies as a vehicle for DUI arrests. Exempted from consideration would be horses, bicycles (not motorized) hot air balloons, skate boards, and other conveyances.

It is not wise to drink and drive regardless of your mode of transportation.

Always be sure to get a designated driver, an Uber, or a taxi.

To learn more about the penalties of a DUI in Mississippi, click here.

If you have been arrested for DUI, contact Tangi Carter at 601-544-1313.

About Tangi Carter:

For over 22 years Tangi Carter has helped clients navigate the legal system. She will treat you with respect and utilize her knowledge and experience to protect your rights and liberty. She is admitted to practice law in Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee.

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