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Meet Mallory Umbehagen

We are pleased to introduce our new intern Mallory Umbehagen, our Summer intern. She is an ambitious young lady with a bright future, and are lucky to have her with our team.

Learn more about Mallory here:

My name is Mallory Umbehagen and this summer I have been given the pleasure of interning for Tangi Carter and her team. I

am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi, majoring in criminal justice and double minoring

in broadcast journalism and legal studies. I am completely passionate about the law and have known I wanted to become a

lawyer since I was 15 years old. There is something about getting to help those who cannot help themselves that draws me to

this career, and this law office gives me the chance to do exactly that! On campus I am a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority,

President of the Criminal Justice Student Association, and a Student Ambassador for the Criminal Justice Department.

When I am not at work or school I usually spend my time with family, friends, and my precious cat Sassy. I have a wide range of

hobbies like painting and crafting, collecting old records and cameras, obsessing over everything Disney, and feeding my

ferocious travel bug. So far my bug has taken me all over to places like Italy, Canada, Ireland, England, France, and Mexico, as

well as big US cities like New York, Los Angeles, D.C., and Miami. My dream is to be able to visit all six Disney parks around the

world, and as of this year I am lucky enough to be 3 down.

Getting to intern at Tangi Carter Law Office is so much more than putting a job on my resume. Here, I am able to get a first hand look into the world of law and grow my motivation, discipline and dedication that will help me in future law school endeavors and ultimately my career.

Tangi and her team truly care about the individuals they assist.

I know I am going to have the opportunity to learn compassion and respect for those needing to acquire legal help during their time of hardship that I couldn’t learn anywhere else.

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