Keep trust/estate drama on stage -- And far from your private life!

It’s very funny when it happens to a fictional family! But it’s an entirely preventable catastrophe when it strikes one of us in real life.

I’m talking about the family uproar, “civil war,” and horrid tax consequences that predictably ensue when one of us avoids first-rate trust and estate planning.

Want a hilarious sneak preview? As your expert trusts and estate attorney in Hattiesburg, I highly recommend a quick trip to see Horton Foote’s comedy “Dividing the Estate,” running through April 15 (get it?) at Le Petit Theatre in the New Orleans.

Southern matriarch Stella Gordon is dead-set against planning her estate. She prefers the (unconscious?) fantasy that she lives forever immune to unforeseen events. Her three children, spouses, “significant others,” and grandchildren, however, have other plans! When the predictable (and even the unpredictable) happens, old resentments and sibling rivalries boil over as members of this hilariously dysfunctional family (and Uncle Sam) go head-to-head to claim the biggest piece of the pie.

Winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play in 2007 and a two-time Tony Nominee, “Dividing the Estate” is a great comedy by the playwright you may better know as the Oscar winner for the screenplay for the movie “To Kill A Mockingbird.” The New Orleans cast is superb.

There may be a little bit of feisty Stella Gordon in us all, but let’s not repeat her entirely avoidable mistakes! Call my law office now to schedule a meeting to plan your estate. If you set your appointment in April and mention this article, we’ll reimburse the price of two tickets to the play on the day you sign your finalized trust. (Simple wills excluded.)

And if you’ve recently completed your trust and estate work with me, you may enjoy the play most of all: with the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders and in the best mood of your life for a hardy belly laugh at the foibles of the less far-sighted.

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